About Us

Pretty Yellow Dog has been proudly serving small businesses in Spokane, the Northwest and beyond since 2011.

Bill Jones

Bill is a software developer with over 30 years experience building world-class custom applications, websites, mobile applications, server integrations and serverless solutions.

When he's not building the latest app or website, Bill enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy, watching historical dramas and driving his MINI Cooper.

Stacy Jones

Stacy Jones is a content creator and editor and writer. She creates content for websites, including SEO content from provided keywords as well as editing of the same content. She also edits works of fiction across multiple genres.

When she is not doing those things, she’s working on her series of young adult short stories, chasing her Labrador Retriever around the house and demanding that he return her shoe or driving her MINI Cooper, because she got into MINIs first and brought Bill along for the ride.