That’s how I roll…

Dice Tray is a fantastic, simple, elegant dice rolling app for RPG players. Multiple sets of dice can be saved for each of your characters abilities, devices or weapons allowing quick rolling by swiping from one dice tray to the next. Keeps a history of your rolls for quick reference.

Does your gaming involve a whole lot of dice, a table top and maybe even a hex map or two? If so, this is the app for you! Enjoy this whimsical dice rolling app and be prepared to hold up your iOS device to the GM and say, “See? Nat 20!”

With a complete set of gaming dice for your use, Dice Tray adds a little fun to your roleplaying experience and a little extra functionality too! You can set up multiple screens for certain numbers of dice rolls, so if you’re playing the Orcish Barbarian with a damage roll of two D12 + 10 D6, set it up once at the beginning of the session and simply swap screens to get back to it! Keep a separate screen for your to hit rolls for each of the various weapons you acquire while clearing out that dungeon! If your GM says, “Quick! Roll percentile!” just flip to the single die screen and tap on the percentile die!

Have additional modifiers to your die rolls? No problem! Simply tap the + button and add a modifier, your total appears in the box below.

  • Optimized for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch.


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  • Dice Tray Screenshot
  • Dice Tray Screenshot